Horizontal scrollbar below table visualization


Below table visualizations, there is a (disabled) horizontal scrollbar. It is unnecessary, as the table is scaled within the confines of the screen (it stays whether or not the schema browser is visible).

And in dashboards with tables, it is below every table.

Any tips on how to remove this?


Can you please share a screenshot of how it looks like on your end and share some details on your setup (browser/OS)?


I’m on Linux. Uploaded screenshots for both Chromium and Firefox. Firefox looks worse due to the darker appearance. Both scrollbars are unnecessary and disabled (there is no scrollable content).


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Pay no attention to the vertical scrollbar on the right of the Firefox image.


@arikfr Here is the commit that introduced this.


Is there a fix for this?


I don’t know why it was added at all, so cannot say anything :man_shrugging:


From the pull request description, it seems it was added to have a separate scroll for pagination and results?


Should some sort of issue be created for this? Or where do we go from here?


This was already fixed and will be part of the v6 release.