Hi, we’re experimenting with redash - looks really promising.

We’re having a go with both hosted and on-prem to get a feel for what each could offer us.

Once thing I’ve noticed is that the hosted site feels incredibly sluggish - not even when rendering visuals, just loading up the list of queries, alerts etc takes 10+ seconds sometimes.

I know there will be a difference between an on-prem simply due to locality - but I don’t think bandwidth is the issue.
On the trial version of the hosted system, could there be some system throttling taking place, which perhaps wouldn’t be present in a paid-up version?

We don’t put any throttling. It might be due to geography, but still I wouldn’t expect such latency.

Can you ping us via support, so we can look into this? (just click on the ? icon in the navbar)

thank you for the reply - it’s much appreciated.

going to have a few colleagues give it a go see how it performs for them first - could be because I’m in Australia (they’re in the UK & US), and the internal VPN could be playing a role too, so let me rule some of that out first!