How can I download the search results from text visualization?

We would like to download filtered data from text visualization but we always get the full set of data. Any hints?

we are using redash Version: 8.0.0 (dev)

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Are you using Query Filters to filter? Iā€™m pretty sure if you use Query Parameters instead then you can download the filtered results.
It might require creating a second query to provide the filter choices.

For instance if you had a list of names and ages and wanted to be able to filter by names you would have your main query (the one where you want to download the results):

Select * from ages where name in ( {{ Query Filter for name }} )

And then the second query to provide the options for filtering:

Select distinct(name) from ages

In the first query you would click the settings for the dropdown box that gets created when you type out the query parameter syntax ({{ filter name }}) and select the Query Based Dropdown List option and select the second query you created as the source.

Doing that should make it so the first query has a dropdown that you can use to filter the data at the point at which the query is executed rather than just filtering the results like the Query Filter option does, so you should be able to download the filtered data. I believe you can also share a URL with the query parameter options if you want to share, embed, import into Google Sheets, etc. the filtered data.

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Thanks much. This looks very promising. I will give a try.

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