How can i link to hive

hiveserver2 is ready
we have the username and password
but what we should write on http path
and what mean is HTTP Scheme (http or https)
the information of host and port is right?
please , i need some help

redash version:0.9.0-beta

Your screenshot looks incorrect. path is part of the URL after the domain.

From the query runner source code:

http_uri = "{}://{}{}{}".format(scheme, host, port, path)

As shown in your screenshot this would produce:

Because you duplicated the host and path attributes

could you give me an example, whats the path like
as uasal, we use the jdbcurl to link hiveserver2
just like the follow:
out team use hive and redash just a moment, and we are distressed about update redash to v0.10 beacuse chn mainland foreign network download is not great fml
thank you for your patient guidance >-<

FYI Redash doesn’t use JDBC. That’s a java runtime tool. Redash is written in Python so it won’t work with JDBC url strings.

I don’t use Hive. But from what I see here, a sample URL data source set up would be like this:

thank you for your response
i just have a try, but its doesn’t work
there was a lone pause for this problem orz

You can try hive not hive(http).

i used hive first.
link is ok, but when i create a query.
its give me a response is scheme refresh failed.
and network keep asking the job interface with no response @~@

the hive with no http can not input password

To check hive’s schema, maybe you don’t have schema of dw_spm_elcsg. You can use database of default to test.

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we used this schema for a long time :joy:
so the problem is not here

Please use hive_ds connect your hive, and run show schemas. In redash hive_ds code, hive schema name is database_name.

If your schemas key isn’t database_name, it will show Schema refresh failed.

Maybe your schema key is not database_name

which is hive_ds ,in mylist is only have hive and hive(http) :joy:

or i need install some driver else? I installed the hive and mysql driver as an extra.

Sorry, hive_ds is Hive.

above this,i told i used Hive first.
the link test its works.
but when i create the query, its told me fetch schema failed :anger:
i think the reason is Hive link don’t need password, but the hive i build has the password :cold_sweat:
so i try to use Hive(http)