How can i look at data in collections and documents inside in MongoDB data source?

Hello, i have like Data Source Mongo DB, and i can see the list of something in field where relation databases shows tables(i suppose that is collections). For example, i have name of this collection there document or whatever TEST.I write this
“collection”: " TEST ", “query”: { “_id”: 1, “some_field”: 2 }, “limit”: 100

And it executed successfully without errors but shows nothing. i wanna look at data inside. What i should do to get at least something from this resource?

The query you posted doesn’t look valid to me. Your query object should use a comparison operator like $eq or $lt.

If the query runs without error but you don’t see any data, it means that no records met your filter criteria. If you want to see some sample data you can use a query like this:

    "collection": "TEST",
    "limit": 100

Thank you! All works properly)

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