How can I make a input form in Redash v3.0.0 upper?


Hi everyone.

I used to use the redash v1.0 near. Then I wrote input form by HTML at widget to send GET query request and run any parameter what I want to see. that was very useful function. Like this.


SELECT user_id, object_type, COUNT(id) 
FROM events
WHERE user_id = {{id}}

HTML(in widget)

    <form action="/queries/583" method="get">
    ID <input type="text" name="p_id">
    <input type="submit" value="see the graph" >

But in Redash v3.0.0 higher, widget only support markdown

Then, how can I run the query that any parameter that result as I want to see, in Redash v3.0.0 higher?

For example, disable sanitization like former export that is ‘REDASH_ALLOW_SCRIPTS_IN_USER_INPUT=“true”’, Or another way to enable html? Or is there way to write input function by markdown?

If this desire cannot be realization, please teach me similar product as Redash. For example, superset.

I’m sorry with my poor English. Any help would be appreciated.