I am trying to create dashboard with dashboard-wise filters.
What I did:

  1. enable in /admin/dashboard option “Dashboard Filters Enabled”
  2. inside my dashboard there are two tables with the same “::filter”-field (in my case country)
    Next I change filter on one table, but data refresh only in this table, the other table still with the same filter.

Expected behavoir - I change filter for one vizualization and others will change correspondingly.
What am I doind wrong?

Version 0.10.0 had a bug and it doesn’t show the dashboard level filters. It was fixed 0.11.0, which isn’t released yet.

It’s actually quite easy to apply the fix to your existing deployment, if you want to give it a stab, I can provide the details.

If it’s not a big mind-breaking fix - yes, please tell me how to do it :slight_smile:

And when 11 version is going to be released?

You need to add this line to /opt/redash/current/rd_ui/dist/views/dashboard.html. Then restart the server (supervisorctl restart redash_server).

The instructions assume you installed using our setup script or the image. If you used a different method, then things might be a little different.

v0.11 - soon :wink:

Thanks, man! You are awesome, Redash is awesome!

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there any way using “:: filter” that shows by default all results of the table?

I think no:( I searched that question some time ago and in some tread I’ve read that such possibility is unavailable in current implementation of redash

@oleg is correct, it’s not possible at the moment. Subscribe to this issue to know when it’s implemented.

I am trying in the redash domain itself. Even if I have set the “Use dashboard wise filter”, I am not able to achieve this functionality(When one drop down changes, need to change the table listing and the corresponding charts populated using the same query). Can anyone help

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Faced a similar situation today. The checkbox to apply dashboard filters doesn’t do anything. Is there another way to set filters for a dashboard?

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