How do I find all queries fired on Redash using events table?

Current setup at our org is something like this - Redash is connected to BQ (bigquery), which is used to fire our queries.

I am trying to map the queries on Redash to the respective users who fired them. I cannot do this via BQ directly, as our Redash<>BQ connection is via a service account (and hence we get no info on the BQ side as to who fired the queries).

So, I am using and joining the Redash tables to get the desired output:

  1. Getting all the events from the events table with action = 'execute' ,
  2. Joining with queries table to get the respective queries (using query_id in the additional_comments column)
  3. Joining with users table to finally get the user who fired the query.

However, through this process, I end up with lower counts of queries. For example, I can see about 18k queries per day coming from Redash on BQ. However, in the events table I am able to see only ~9k queries on the same day.

My question is - where are the rest of the queries coming from? Did I miss out on some data/info through this process?