How to build front-end?


In order to add custom choropleth maps, I made a couple modifications to the front-end code both in client/app/ and in viz-lib/. I followed instructions here to install a docker-based developer environment, and was able to get the change working in the frontend served with yarn start (on the 8080 port, while the 5000 port serves the docker container frontend).

I would like to build the redash image again, with the modified front-end code, so that I can simply launch the app with docker-compose up. I tried commenting out these lines in the docker-compose.yml:

x-redash-service: &redash-service
    context: .
    #  skip_frontend_build: "true"

So that running docker-compose build actually builds the frontend as well (yarn --frozen-lockfile and yarn build) when making the images. But the new containers don’t seem to reflect the changes: after docker-compose up, the 5000 port still shows the old frontend.

Any advice on how to do this ?

Note: if I look inside the redash_server container, I do see the added/modified files !

(ps: it would be awesome to revive this issue)