How to check permission for creating temp table

Hi all,

I am getting ‘No data returned’ message when trying to create a temp table using the syntax CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE temp_table SELECT columns FROM table. The temp table fails to show up in the schema either.
I am wondering if it is due to the lack of creating temporary table permission. How should I check whether I have permission or not?

Thank you for your time and help!

Technical details:
Redash Version: 9.0.0-beta
Mysql: 5.6.10

Redash updates schemas every few hours. Changes won’t appear in the schema until then unless you manually refresh the schema.

Your database permissions exist outside Redash. You can check them through your mysql console.

MySQL temporary tables are per-session. They exists only in current session.
If second session is established or new one in parallel (like the one that will refresh schema view) the temporary table will not be visible.
Redash is hard on multi-statements.

instead try with sub_query, something like:

join (select … from …) t