How to configure your own postgre database

I installed a redash on aws with latest version. I’m waiting for the final 8.0 stable release.

For my others apps, I have an postgresql database on aws as a service. I think that for a production environment, will be better use this database, instead of the docker one. I’m trying to configure this without success.

Some doubts:

  1. I think that I only need to change the vars ‘POSTGRES_PASSWORD’ and ‘REDASH_DATABASE_URL’ in env file, and execute command ‘docker-compose up -d server’. But when I try to load the website I get an Internal Server error
  2. Where I can view the logs? I check it with ‘docker-compose logs’ but I cant find any error
  3. I have to change the ‘postgres’ name resolution? On default instalation, the url to database on env file is ‘postgres’. I changed this param to my database url, but I have no idea where is param ‘postgres’
  4. I think to create a new schema called ‘redash’ on my aws postgresql database. I could use this one, and configure it, or I will need to use mandatory the public schema?

Thanks a lot

Ok, finally I found the problem. I was creating another postgreSql schema inside my database with the redash’s tables. When I configure the connection I can’t select wich schema are the redash one.
The solutions was to create another database inside my aws rds postgres service, and use this new database instead off the old one with the schema, and all problems disappeared.

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Thanks for following up with your solution :slight_smile: