How to connect redash to jira

Hello everyone, we have Jira Server installed on our local domain. Redash is deployed in Docker. The certificates are used local from our CA. When trying to connect to Jira, it gives the error

HTTPSConnectionPool (host = '', port = 443): Max retries exceeded with url: / rest / api / 2 / search? MaxResults = 1 & fields = (Caused by SSLError (SSLError ("bad handshake: Error ([('SSL routines', 'tls_process_server_certificate', 'certificate verify failed')])"))) 

How do I fix this error? Can I turn off certificate checking?

I’m not an SSL expert. It would be most useful to know why the certificate verify currently fails. If there is a problem with your certs then you could resolve this issue with no changes to the Redash source.

Redash uses the requests library to execute queries with the Jira API. requests allows you to configure the SSL behaviour; all the way from providing your own certificates to disabling certificate checking completely (don’t do this, it’s dangerous). If you understand what you’re doing, it should be straightforward to make changes in the file that runs your instance.

Ideally, if your fix is broad it would be awesome to see a pull request making this part of the configuration.