I’m obviously missing something really fundamental and I feel a bit silly.

I installed a local instance of re:dash to try it out. I can create a query and see the results in a table, but I see no options whatsoever to create charts.

The results of the query are a text column and 3 integer columns.

When I execute the query it shows the results under “TABLE”. In a dashboard I created that uses the query the only widget option is “TABLE”.

What an I missing?

Seconds after I posted this I changed the query to include another column that was an ascending epoch and “Visualizations” appeared. The epoch column is simply stored as an integer.

Then I executed it again and that link went away.

Is there any documentation which explains the logic between making the capability appear or not?

Whenever you’re in a source view (i.e. when you see the query text and results), you should see a “+ New Visualization” button/tab next to the “Table” one. Regardless of the kind of results you have.

Now that seems obvious, and logical. But as a noob, I had no idea why it was seen and then disappeared. Is that documented anywhere? I couldn’t find any user docs anywhere.