How to create visualization from java or angular?

Hi Team,

I am trying to create visualization from java or angular but i am not sure about instructions.
Like how to write code and how this code can be embedded into redash tool.

Could anyone please share instructions like from start to end(creation angular code in visual studio and how that can be embedded into REDASH).

Redash doesn’t use Angular anymore. I presume you mean javascript, not java?

We’ll have better documentation around this in the coming months. Our docs aren’t yet updated following the migration to React, unfortunately.

Hi Team,

Currently we are using version 8 REDASH, here we are trying to create custom visualization.

Could you help me on steps to follow to create custom visualization using angular or JavaScript.
Mean structure of project and what are functions and classes used for REDASH, after writing code in javascript or anguler how we can connect to REDASH or where can we put javascript file to create custom visualization.


For versions prior to V9 you can follow this guide.