How to enable redash permission control

I am running the current master of the redash docker setup, it is redash Version: 11.0.0-dev (dev), commit id: df472eb1d444e4e8389d2bf1d7251a5f1db6d3ae.

I have added
REDASH_FEATURE_SHOW_PERMISSIONS_CONTROL: "true" to the x-redash-environment: &redash-environment section and ran docker-compose up -d. When I get on a shell within the redash_server container echo $REDASH_FEATURE_SHOW_PERMISSIONS_CONTROL returns true. However, I can’t see any option in the user interface indicating, that feature is actually enabled, i.e. I can’t find the option “Manage Permissions” in the menu of the query edit screen.

Is there any How-To on using the environment variables? Is there any overview of the redash server telling me, which features are enabled?

I’m working on that this week actually :smiley:

Settings > General shows this. See the Enable experimental multiple owners support checkbox.

Even though, I have set the environment variable, the box “Enable experimental multiple owners support” was not ticked. I ad to tick it in the userinterface. But the option was not there. Now after another restart the option is available from the menu.

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Is your question resolved or does it appear to be a bug?

Well, I now know how to enable it in this case, so it can be considered resolved. Thank you very much.

I still need to find out, how to use that feature, what it can do and what it can’t. I was looking for some documentation, pointing to that feature at and maybe also pointing to the environment variable ( If you add some documentation how to properly sett the env vars, that would definitely help. Also documenting the “experimental multiple owners support” (marked as experimental) would be cool.

I’m working on the environment variable doc :+1:t2:

Multi owner support has been documented for a few years:

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Ah cool, thank you for that hint. I was looking for at at “User, Groups, & Permissions”.

Docs organisation is a thankless task :confused: In many cases I think the search is the best option.

Well not that thankless, people are very happy about gut docu but sometimes to tell.
To improve it, I have added a pullrequest: Clarify Permission parts in docu by white-gecko · Pull Request #625 · getredash/website · GitHub

We are using redash Version: 10.1.0 (2589bef1)

Hi @jesse I am also confused about this as well, we have enabled multiple owners support

but I can’t find a way to add multiple Authors to the same query

Any help is appreciated

Sorry for my late reply, recovering from covid here.

I’m not sure I understand your question. Yes there is one Author to the query. But anyone on that list has the ability to modify the query, the same as the author.

Have I missed something?