How to finetune visualisation on dashboard, I would like to reduce white space


Below is a screenshot of one of the widgets on a dashboard. I noticed there is a lot of whitespace, and I would like to change to layout to make more use of the space that I have on my dashboard. You might have noticed that the legenda is cut off, even though there is ample room.

Is there a way how I can optimise the room used for the graphs in a widget?



I’m also interested in this. From what I understand, the content of the visualizations is largely controlled by Plotly and not directly accessible from the Redash UI.



I had the same question on the feature request list I have to share.
On some dashboards, I would Like to reduce margin between widgets and hide refresh counter.
I played with Firefox console to change some css values and maybe something like adding some personal css styles to the dashboard should be a solution ?