How to get notifications?

i wrote query to get growth rate of my data over hour
i want to get notification every time i run the query
i knew alert in redash but it doesn’t do what i need as it send me notification if the status change from trigger to ok or vice versa what i need is to recieve notification even if it still trigger
is there another solution? @arikfr @susodapop

Yes. Just set your alert Rearm Seconds to 1.

Here’s the doc page about configuring alerts.


Alert notifications are directly tied to the query executions. If a query is scheduled to execute once per week, and is not executed manually by a Redash user, then you will receive one notification per week at most, regardless of the configured Rearm seconds .

Be sure to set up a query schedule.

thanks a lot
another issue please what if i need to write description with alert message how can i do that ?? @susodapop

That feature is currently under development. It hasn’t landed yet. You can only change the name of the alert for now.

when do you plan to land it ? @susodapop

There isn’t a timeline for it. I recommend following the linked thread.