How to migrate data from a (non-containerized) current redash to a new redash docker container?


I am new to redash and and i’d like to migrate data (mostly queries, and confs) from an existing redash to a new redash container.
Unfortunately I didn’t find any case like this on my search.
Any advice, tips, help is more than welcome.

Cheers !

Hi there. As far as I know, redash stores its config and queries in a postgresql database. You just have to move that to the new instance. The easiest way I can think of is to install the new redash, and after make a backup of the old instance, and restore it to the new.

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Hi @dncpax and thank you for your help.
Yes you are right about the data and the conf.
Just for the context, my current redash is not containerized.
So the plan is to use a new redash on docker container.

Here what I was planning to do:

  • Deploy a new Redash container on a new instance
  • Plug the new Resdash to my database
  • backup the current instance of my redash (that was used without container)

Hope this is more clearer, let me know if my understanding is correct or if you guys know a better way.

Thanks again !

Well, I think redash installs a postgresql instance even in the containerized version. So there will be a database already in the new instance. You just have to restore the previous database to the new.

If you have an “external” database, then you could like you say just configure the new instance to use that.

Of couse this will only work if it’s the same versions of redash!!