How to migrate self hosted redash queries to official redash service (

I am using self hosting redash(ver 1.0.3).
I want to migrate data to the official redash service(Pro Plan).
Is there an easy way to migrate queries?
Manual work is hard…
Please let me know if there is a good way.
Thank you!

That’s a significant upgrade (from v1 to v7) :wink:

The team is happy to help with migrations to our hosted platform. To get started:

1.Login to your account on<your_org> (or create one)
2. Click the question mark on the upper right to send us a message

As @susodapop mentioned, the team is always happy to assist with migrations. The way it usually works is using this script: Depending on the Redash version you export from, sometimes it requires changes.

This script will export users, queries, visualizations and dashboards.

@susodapop @arikfr
Thank you!
I was able to migrate using python scripts.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Super! Did you need to do any changes to the script?

Yes, a little.
import_users method does not work well.
So I changed like this.


ps. python version is 3.7

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Hi @arikfr
I just saw this script. Can you please give some more details how to use that to make sure that it works? As I explained here, I stuck in the migration process from Bitnami Redash instance to the new docker based server.