How to send Alerts to slack?


I’ve upgraded to v0.11.0.b2016 and also added the reDash bot to my slack instance but I don’t yet see an option to send an alert to a slack channel.

Are there other steps I need to do in order to set up alerts to post to a slack channel? I could not find anything in the docs.


Just a clarification: the bot is only needed if you want to pull information into your Slack room. It’s not mandatory for alerts/Slack integration.

As for alerts & Slack, you need to create a new “Alert Destination” of type Slack. You do this either by following the “New Destination” link from the alert page or by browsing to /destinations/new.

Please note that to create a new alert destination you need to be an admin, but once you create it, all your users can use it for their alerts.