How to set up Query Results database?


Issue Summary

I saw a Query Results help to set up a Query Results data source that way I can call existing queries into another query. I thought this was a great idea for something but I’m stuck on how I set it up…
I made the data source and gave it a name where do I go from there? I can’t call existing queries on my dashboards as it suggests. ‘query_80’ for example, won’t work. What am I missing?

Here’s an example:
I try to use

'Select *
from query_80"

but it comes up with an error - " Error running query: relation “query_80” does not exist LINE 2: from query_80 ^"


A summary of the issue and the browser/OS environment in which it occurs.

  • Redash Version: Latest
  • Browser/OS: Chrome


Hi,It seems that you misunderstood the use of Query Results. My approach is as follows:

  1. Create a new Data Source of type Query Results, called QR1 here;
  2. Create a new Query and select the data source as QR1, and reference other existing Query in this Query.


Thank you for the response. It is now working as I was doing it incorrectly.