How to skip redash login verification?

hi ,dear redash team:

I want to use these api directly as a way for me to check the data;

api method
…/api/query_results POST
…/api/jobs/{query_hash} GET
…/api/query_results/{query_result_id} GET

But if don’t log in first, will get this message:

Couldn't find resource. Please login and try again

I would like to ask, how can I skip the login restrictions, so that other systems can directly use these three api, and the three api of his own web page are still restricted by the login status

I have an idea;

Create three new apis, continue to call those three methods, and then do the login verification skipping for the new API

Now the question is how do I skip login validation?

You don’t need to login to use the API. Just include an Authorization header with your API requests. Documentation here.

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wow! thank you !thank you !thank you !thank you !(It’s so important that it should be repeated for three times.)

I found the configuration for the API key in edit profile.
also seen examples of the redash-toolbelt project.
Thank you for your help!!!

You can do lots of cool things with the API :wink:

Here’s an example refreshing a dashboard:

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Ok ok, got it.!!! thank you for your help!