i developed a new query runner to connect an in-memory GPU based database called MAPD and after adding to deafult datasources i have been able to query database without any apparent issues.

The problems arised when i added the get_tables method; i cannot see tables on the left side of query panel, and i havent any evidence the method is called and if there are errors on formatting or whatever.

is there a way to check the tables/columns metadata load?

10x in advance

It’s possible the empty schema got cached. There is a refresh button, but it only appears when there is a schema to show :frowning: You can manully trigger refresh by calling the API: /api/data_sources/{data source id}/schema?refresh.

Additional options:

  1. Use the shell (bin/run ./manage.py shell) to call the data source code directly.
  2. Write unit tests to test this…

I hope this helps.

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thanks for you quick and useful response; i managed to get tables and columns on query runner, so now i am able to use Redash with Mapd.

I can share the code if you are interested in a new datasource

Sure! Always happy to see new data sources supported :slight_smile: