How to upgrade from a non-docker v7 to the docker v8

Is there any official documentation on how to upgrade from a non-docker v7 to the docker v8

I have the legacy installation of Redash V7, and as we can’t upgrade to v8 with the old and simple command sudo bin/upgrade I was looking on how to upgrade to the docker version.
But couldn’t find any explanation on how to do it.

Is there a official documentation for it?

Technical details:

  • Redash Version: V7
  • How did you install Redash: Legacy instalation

We don’t maintain official docs for it. There are so many ways to install Redash that one document can’t possible address them all :wink:

I advise you to search the forum. This question comes up a lot.

This answer from Arik is a good synopsis. The upgrade in your case will have two components. First migrate from non-Docker to Docker. Then upgrade Docker to the latest version.

Thanks for the reply.
I looked around the forum, also the docs but could not find the answer.

I was actually thinking to do this process even made the backup yesterday, but wanted to make sure, we are using Redash since V2 so very important to keep it working fine :slight_smile:


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