How to upgrade redash 5.0.2 to 8.0.0

I want to upgrade to V8 from v5. Help me with any link to do so. I came across quite few link. some say first upgrade to v7 & then to v8, but i am not able to find copy of v7. Please support. Thanks & Cheers

Hi there :wave: How did you install your current instance of Redash? I found some links in the documentation that cover how to upgrade for both docker and non-docker versions. Those would be a good place to start. It’s not difficult to upgrade the version but technical background is a big plus.

Hi @k4s1m I install redash using docker

I have taken backup of postgres_sql and all queries. Is there anything left before updating the redash?

Nope that’s all! Then you can just follow the instructions in the documentation:

Upgrade Process

  1. Make sure to backup your data. You only need to backup Redash’s PostgreSQL database (the database Redash stores metadata in, not the ones you might be querying) as the data in Redis is transient.
  2. Change directory to /opt/redash .
  3. Update /opt/redash/docker-compose.yml Redash image reference to the one you want to upgrade to.
  4. Stop Redash services: docker-compose stop server scheduler scheduled_worker adhoc_worker (you might need to list additional services if you updated your configuration)
  5. Apply migration (if necessary): docker-compose run --rm server manage db upgrade
  6. Start services: docker-compose up -d


Thanks , but i stuck on third step i.e to update redash image . I read some of the reviews they suggest to do not upgrade directly to version 8.0 from 5.0.
And also i could not found version 7.0
Can yo tell me how can i update it or found specific version?

On the documentation page there is a table that lists the names of the images. For version 7 it shows redash/redash:7.0.0.b18042. Have you tried this?

No , I didn’t. how to update to that image ? Is there any command for that?

That’s part of step 3. You write the new image name in docker-compose.yml.

So i have to change the name in docker-compose.yml and then move to step 4. right?

Yes that’s it. And once you’re in 7 repeat all steps for the version 8.

okay, Thanks. I will do that

don’t forget to look for each version if particular steps are needed !

Thank you all for your valuable response. I have upgrade it successfully