Image resize with markdown?


Hi, I have a query that returns the URL to an image. I display that image in a table… but I can’t seem to get the table width to be appropriately sized for the image. In the attached image the B is on the far left but the table extends for a quiet a bit after that.

I’m not sure how to work around this. I saw Text Box can display an image using markdown… so I had my data gather script right the image to a webserver… the raw file is rather large (more than 1000x1000) and I can’t resize it within Markdown and the image doesn’t resize when the widget is made smaller.

What’s the best way to accomplish this?




What you’re looking to do is currently not possible. There’s an open issue on GH for it



Thank you ranbena!

I went ahead and created a workaround - I’m resizing the image on the fly and dropping it somewhere I can grab it using markdown. It works and fits into the smaller sized widget… just trying to figure out if I can center the image… with or without that, it’s a workable solution.

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