Images in Map Visualization Tooltips

I am trying to transfer a Google Map from Google Fusion Tables to Redash, as GFT is being shut down. The tooltips in our current configuration use images in the tooltips, as we’re trying to show people what certain locations look like. Does redash support having images in the tooltips? When I’m doing the preview, setting up the visualization, I see the image URLs instead of the images themselves. However, I recognize that this might be because of things outside of Redash, such as cross domains and whatnot.

I still couldn’t find anything in the docs, though, but maybe I wasn’t reading the right documentation because what I did read seemed pretty thin. I’m asking here so this can collect answers while I’m checking other potential solutions, and if I find that it’s something else I will try and update this with my solution.

Unfortunately this is currently not supported.

We don’t mind accepting a Pull Request which adds this :slight_smile:

See a branch in my repo.. I forgot why I stopped here, but if this is what you want, I can send this PR to master.