1. Funnel filters
    Current method is bad to create a something like funnel. For example, I want to select only iOS apps from the table and it is possible, then I need to select from these apps only which has category=Sports, but in filter I see both Android and iOS apps. Is it possible to create filter with step-by-step filtering?

  2. Calendar view for types like date
    It will be user-friendly to choose date from calendar menu and do not type it as string.

  3. Filters doesn’t work in subqueries
    select count(*) from analytics.apps_screens where app_name in (select distinct app_name as app_name__filter from analytics.apps_users) group by app_name
    This query haven’t filter.

  4. Dashboard-level filters?

  5. Key-value filters?
    User see key but in query uses value.

Those are definitely good suggestions. But I wonder if we should keep investing in filters or focus our efforts on parameters?

Re. dashboard level filters: see this.