Incorrect Query Hash value is saved in Queries table for parametrised query

For Parameterised Query it is observed that incorrect HASH value is stored considering the placeholder variable and not the actual values in the query_hash column in the queries table.

For eg for below query:

SELECT table_name FROM information_schema.tables WHERE table_schema=‘public’ AND table_name = ‘{{ table_name }}’ AND table_type=‘BASE TABLE’ LIMIT 1000

gen_query_hash = 60f3862ea0e3130f46da0e35b304fc0d

HERE hash is evaluated considering the placeholder and not done after replacing the variable placeholder by the actual values in function gen_query_hash

The impact of this issue is that runtime and retrieved at {last execution at} in query listing page always comes as null.

But if we substitute correct value in the queries table then these values start to appear.

Please provide possible solution to this issue from your side.

Redash version 11.0.0-dev

This is expected behaviour.