Installing on GCP - docs show 5.0.2 version and I want 7.0.0

Installing for first time. Trying to follow steps in the link above. However, I see the current install documentation for GCP is using an old version, “5.0.2”.

gcloud compute images create “redash-5-0-2” --source-uri gs://redash-images/redash.5.0.2-b5486-build2.tar.gz

I don’t know how to get the latest 7.0.0 information like the tar.gz file name. Can someone direct me to how to see the latest images and their file names, so I can build a command that points to 7.0.0?

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No worries. :slight_smile:

A decent way to do is checking the Docker Hub page for Redash:

That shows the build numbers (eg 5.0.2.b5486). It doesn’t have any info on the full filename to use in gcloud though, so some experimentation will be needed.

Looking through some other older docs, it seems like the -build2 text fragment is used for the GCE builds, so a likely candidate string to try is:

gcloud compute images create “redash-7-0-0” --source-uri gs://redash-images/redash.7.0.0-b18042-build2.tar.gz

Note I haven’t tried that myself (at this point), so that’s just a guess.

Does that help? :smile:

@justinclift I have this error

cloud compute images create "redash-7-0-0" --source-uri gs://redash-images/redash.7.0.0-b18042-build2.tar.gz
ERROR: (gcloud.compute.images.create) Could not fetch resource:
 - Required 'read' permission for ''

There is no v7 GCP image. Boot the latest version we have referenced in the documentation, and then upgrade to v7 (see docs on how to upgrade).

Once v8 is released we will create new Cloud images for GCP , AWS and DigitalOcean.


Do you have a planned release date for v8?
And could you include an Azure image as well? / (Where can I help to setup an Azure image?)

We’ll announce the v8 release here in the user forum, on our email list, and our blog. We don’t have a firm date for that yet, however there is a stable beta. We don’t plan to create an Azure image but you are welcome to make one.