Integration of Viser

The same team who brought you AntD also created Viser and it seems to have pretty good English documentation. Just the sheer volume of demos has impressed me.

Is anyone looking into brining into for Redash (and possibly replace ?

I can take a dab if no one is working on it.

I couldn’t find the English documentation – can you share a link?

Also, what benefit do you see in replacing with Viser?

My bad. I thought the link on their English website is English docs, but turns out it’s still Chinese.

The low-level library it based on, G2, does have English library though:

I was just impressed by their vast collection of visualizations and the cleanness & consistency of the design. The fact that they are business-oriented also makes them more appealing.

But I haven’t investigated too much so cannot say whether the developer experience would be worse or better.

This appears to be the link to English documentation:

Rich collections of visualizations is definitely a big benefit, but other factors to look at:

  • Stability (how often new releases break existing functionality?).
  • Quality when using less trivial features.
  • Ease of use (how friendly the API, docs, etc).

Totally agree, that’s why I’m now more in favor of Vega and went on implementing it.

Vega also has a rich collection of visualizations and at least the following benefits:

  1. An active community (7k stars on the main repo) and still in active development (latest version released 6 days ago)
  2. Great documentation and release notes (major versions have porting guide)
  3. Easy to integrate: everything stored in database is JSON with schema version. Breaking changes can happen, but easy to manage.
  4. Support both basic and advanced visualizations: Redash can built UI to support basic visualizations, just like we did with, advanced users can write specs in JSON or YAML themselves.