Integration to WhatsApp

given that i have a table consists of Customers Phone numbers and set of messages i want to push, does anyone know is there any application that i could use to send given message to the given phone number by WhatsApp?

You can do this with Zapier.

Zapier has not enable integration with Whatsapp yet.

However, if you want to send Whatsapp messages using API you need to sign up with their Whatsapp Business API. In that way, you could send your customer a templated messages (it needs to be approved by Whatsapp first). The step to do this:

  1. Register for Whatsapp Business API. Don’t go directly to Facebook, instead find 3rd party such as Nexmo or Message Bird (depends on your country, ask someone from Facebook in your company to get the list of 3rd party) to get Facebook Approval for your Whatsapp Business API <- this could take weeks or worse, months.
  2. You’ll get your Send Message API URL and API Key to send Whatsapp template messages.
  3. Get your set of messages approved by Whatsapp.
  4. Then, you can loop every row that consisting customer number and template message and send those using your Send Message API

For step 4, there are many ways to do it. My way is:

  1. Extract table from Redash to Google Sheets using IMPORTDATA function in Google Sheets
  2. Use Google Apps Script create a script that will loop every row and send those message using urlfetchapp().