Interactive countries on Choropleth map


I have a dashboard where is

  • one widget with Choropleth map showing average value of a factor
  • another widget with chart of development of this values for specific country over certain period of time, where we choose desired country by typing country code (using {{ }} in query).

My question is, would it be possible to make map interactive, so when I click on a country in map, second dashboard will be updated by country code and data will be reloaded for this certain country?


Redash doesn’t support this (yet). It requires handling click events within visualisations. For now the only way to change parameters is using the default parameter widgets (text box, date input, dropdown)

Thanks for your reply!

@jesse , just one more question regarding map, is it possible to amend scale so it shows from 0 to 100? Because currently it shows from min value from query results to 100/max

This is possible using Plotly but Redash doesn’t implement it. Would love to review a PR adding this though!

Okay, thanks again :slight_smile:

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