Internal server error GET /api/dashboards/<dashboard_slug>

Issue Summary

We used to work with Redash V8, and when making API calls the endpoints were working just fine. We upgraded to V10, and some calls broke (eg GET /api/dashboards/<dashboard_slug>). Have the endpoints changed?
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Technical details:

  • Redash Version: 10.1.0
  • Browser/OS: Chrome

Most of the end points should still be working the same. (!)

Do you have some example(s) of error messages you’re now getting when trying to access them?

Thanks for your quick reply. After a bit of debugging, I changed /api/dashboards/<dashboard_slug> to /api/dashboards/<dashboard_id> for the GET method and it looks like it’s working!

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Glad you sorted this out. You’re not wrong that there was a change in V10 for how dashboard URLs are resolved. It’s covered in the docs. Relevant portion:

Dashboard URLs

When you create a dashboard, Redash automatically assigns it an id number and a URL slug . The slug is based on the name of the dashboard. For example a dashboard named “Account Overview” could have this URL:

If you change the dashboard name to “Account Over (Old)”, the URL will update to:

The dashboard can also be reached using the /dashboard endpoint (notice this is singular), which accepts either an ID or a slug:


Dashboard ids are guaranteed to be unique. But multiple dashboards may use the same name (and therefore slug ). If a user visits /dashboard/account-overview and more than one dashboard exists with that slug, they will be redirected to the earliest created dashboard with that slug.