Is it okay not to mount "/app" directory using Docker?


Hi, I’m currently setting up Redash using Docker on kubernetes, AWS.
I already have Postgres and Redis outside of Redash but I noticed that Redash uses a directory /app when (at least) launching the application. My question is:

  • Should this /app directory be kept and reused across the lifecycle of a container itself?
  • Should this /app directory be shared between server, worker and scheduler if I split these components into different containers?

If the answer is No, I can just let each container create /app within the container, but otherwise I need to figure out a way to make containers share and mount some volume for /app directory. Because kubernetes doesn’t support -volume-from like feature, the easiest way to achieve this is use AWS EFS I think.


There is no need to use a volume for /app. You might have gotten this idea from the docker-compose.yml file but it’s for development setup only. If you check docker-compose.production.yml you will see that no volume is used for /app.


@arikfr yeah, I now see that there is no volume mount point on production.yaml.
Thank you so much for the clarification! :joy: