Is it possible to change the order of visualizations for a query?

Simple question per title.

I don’t think so. Looking through the source code it seems like the visualization tabs are shown in creation order without an alternative.

Thanks for confirmation. /me feels slightly less bad about fudging it by moving them around in the PostgreSQL instance underneath Redash!

Hmm more seriously - it appears that when you fork a query - you get the same visualizations but not always in the same order! I’ll take a look at the code and see whether that can be easily fixed.

Could really do with the ability to reorder them in the UI, but that’s a feature request for someone with more UI foo than I.

If I had to guess, it might be happening because all of them get the same timestamp so when we order based on creation time, they get randomly sorted.

We can mitigate this by sorting by id and making sure we create them in the right order.

Being able to order them manually can be a nice feature, but will make implementation a bit tricky :thinking: Maybe it’s enough to pick the “default” visualization (the one we show first)?

Yes, that’d be a good solution (and I think is what the UI does when displaying them).

No enough for me - personally, I’m writing some rather crazy queries and then using many visualisations as a kind of workflow in looking at and analysing the results, so the order of all of them is important.

That said, I’m increasingly conscious that I’m using redash in a very different way to most, and to the way in which was probably intended (& I think the rest of you are missing out!). Don’t suppose you’re ever in London, Arik? Be great to buy you lunch and talk through some of the possibilities…

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To confirm - the UI code shows the visualizations by id order not based upon the creation_at field.

To address the fork reordering:

(Hopefully before redash v8!)