Is it possible to connect redash to git

I want to push all my queries to git but i can’t find any way to connect redash to git. Is there any way to track old as well new queries and push to git ?

That’s a very different idea. Git tracks files, unless every time a query is executed, the code for it is written to a file and git add & Git commit & Git push is executed.

can you share any link for the same?

This has already been implemented a few different times and ways using the Redash API. On mobile for now but you can find them yourself by searching for “fit” “git” on the forum.

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hi @k4s1m i saw some discussion form they suggest redpush tool or export queries and then push to git but it’s just a one-way sync from Redash to Git.
Is there any another way to do it ?

redpush is one of the better ways to accomplish it.

Redash stores queries in its database. Not in a file system. So git doesn’t come “for free”. Probably any solution you make for this will use the API to download queries and commit them to version control.

Now if you need to sync in the opposite direction, you can still use the API. Just pull the latest version of the query from git and POST it to the correct query ID using the API.