IS redash_internal_db Created automatic as a data source in V10?

i need to un archive a dashoard in redash and found that i can do it using
the redash_internal_db (it should be available as a source), there should be a table called dashboards, there you can set is_archived boolean to false to a specific record
i didn’t find redash database as a source as am using V9 beta so is it supported in V10 ?

It’s not created automatically but it’s easy to connect:

  1. Add a new Postgres data source
  2. Enter the connection details (host, port, user, password, and database)

If you are deployed using docker:

  • host = postgres
  • port (use the default)
  • user = postgres
  • password (this will be written to the .env file within the opt/redash folder of your VM host.
  • database = postgres
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