Is there a endpoint for geting public url api?

I need to generate a public url to embed a dashboard. Problem is that I have to generate this programmatically with java. I know there are a lot of endpoints in redash, but I couldn’t find anyone that could help. On [redash’s documentation (Topic API)][1] is showed an incomplete list of endpoints, I’d be very grateful if someone pointed me to the complete endpoints list or pointed me to some kind of Java SDK.

Welcome to the forum. Redash doesn’t have any SDKs. But everything you can do in the web-app has an associated endpoint. Note that the public URL can be reset at anytime in the UI by toggling the share switch.

To generate a a public share URL (and access token) you can POST to /api/dashboards/<dashboard-id>/share with the numeric ID for the dashboard. This will return a JSON dictionary with public_url and api_key properties. The code that implements this is here.

First of all, thanks so much for reply me as quicly as couldn’t have imagined and point me in the right direction. I tried this endpoint before, but i was mistakenly using GET method. Thanks once again.

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