Is there any way to skip parameter values validation for query based dropdown parameters?

Issue Summary

Hi! I’m using the REST API to run parameterized queries. Some of the parameters are based on queries. Sometimes new values arrive before underlying query updates by schedule. When I pass them as values of the query-based parameter, I got the error "The following parameter values are incompatible with their definitions: ". Update underlying query before each top-level query run is resource-consuming and it is redundant for me because I handle validation/update logic on my side.
So there is my question - is there any way to disable parameter values validation for query-based parameters? Maby as a config option or per query by passing some query parameter?

Technical details:

  • Redash Version: V10.1.0
  • Browser/OS: Chrome/Linux
  • How did you install Redash: Docker Compose

This isn’t supported. There are a couple ways around it:

  1. Update the backing query before you execute the main one. You already ruled this out.
  2. Duplicate the query in question and use a text parameter instead of a dropdown list, but only for your API calls.