Issue in Redash self hosted


I am using self hosted Redash. I am using 16GB Memory there. I put a query on Redash using Redshift.I got Memory exaust error.When I check on server, there is 10GB free memory.When I start query execution.Memory goes decrease and goes around 168MB and got error, and its takes around 5 minutes.When i run same query on Redshift.Output comes within 50 Second with 100MB import csv file.Query output is 1.27 Lakh Rows. I am using m4.xlarge instance of AWS.

Please help me in following:-

  1. why Redash Taking so much time to show query Result when its data comes within seconds in Redshift.(Its happen with maximun all queries)
  2. How I can resolve same Memory issue.

Can you clarify where the memory exhaust error is thrown? Does it appear in the Redash application or in your server logs? If your query is returning more 127k rows of data that could be part of the problem since Redash doesn’t handle large result sets gracefully.