Issue when installing redash in docker

Hey i have this message when i try to build redash in docker, any help please ?

Welcome to the forum and thanks for your question. Are you building on an Apple Silicon mac?

The issue is that the Docker download of Simba Databricks ODBC driver fails due to redirect in Databricks. This issue repros on Ubuntu for me.


curl "$databricks_odbc_driver_url" --output /tmp/ -v

The fix is to add -L to curl which supports redirects:

Line 75 in the Dockerfile should be

     && curl "$databricks_odbc_driver_url" -L --output /tmp/ \

I will try to push a PR. In the meantime, you can manually fix the Dockerfile.

Looks like someone has already fixed this here: Update Dockerfile by trigremm · Pull Request #5814 · getredash/redash (