Issuue about migrations


Hi,how do i apply migrations ,i ran redash on ecs of aws


To apply migrations you need to run the Docker image of the new version with the CMD manage db upgrade. In the case of ECS, it should have support for running adhoc tasks, so you can utilize this to run this command. Make sure to use the same configuration, so it uses the correct database.

Also, I recommend shutting down the other containers while migrating, to avoid locking.


i will try this ,thanks


BTW,how to change redash version to a docker image running on ecs,since i don’t know how to change the docker-compose.yml of a docker image pulled from docker hub


I’m not sure how you defined the tasks in ECS, but you need to udpate the image reference (the tag).


oh,i see ,i made a silly mistake.I pulled docker image to my pc and push it to aws,embarrassing.
now,i got a problem,i run a new redash image on ecs with new rds and redis but get errors says : relation “queries” does not exist. do i need to create table first,or should i use CMD,but i do not know what cmd it is.
I used to think that i just need to run redash with server and scheduler ,it will init everything for me,but now ,i can see therer must be something that i miss.


You need to create the schema. This can be done with the create_db command.


hi, i run command on ecs with “manage db upgrade” but get error “/app/bin/docker-entrypoint: line 93: exec: manage db upgrade: not found”,confused,Is my command wrong?