JIRA and CustomFiels with SelectList


I’m trying to use Redash to extract and show some data from Jira.

I’m facing an issue which involved a custom_field of “Select List (cascading)” type.
This type have what Jira calls “Options” , which is a list of preset values you can choose to set the field.

I set a jira datasource as :
“jql”: “issuekey=LSD-31401”

The custom field 13592 is not shown in the result table.

For example, here is what I get with postman with a get on :

“customfield_13592”: {
“self”: “https://myhost/rest/api/2/customFieldOption/14340”,
“value”: “Software”,
“id”: “14340”,
“child”: {
“self”: “https://myhost/rest/api/2/customFieldOption/14372”,
“value”: “PIE2 (REGVAL, DELREG, IMAN)”,
“id”: “14372”

Is there a way to retrieve this custom field?

Thank you in advance.