JIRA Data Transformation (Moving from Power BI to Redash)

I’m trying to turn the following Power BI charts into Redash. How would I query this data from JIRA to get charts to look like this. There are not that many JIRA examples to used to help me accomplish this.

Query I’m Trying to Transform

project = "Security Operations Center" AND status in (Closed, "False Positive") AND created > "2021/07/01" AND created < "2021/07/31" order by updated DESC

Rule Intent

Rule Intent:
- customFieldId=10054

Rule Strategy

Rule Strategy
- customFieldId=10043
```Rule Intent
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I’m guessing no one has advice with JIRA?

It’s more likely that people don’t understand your question. There’s a lot of different ways to make a bar chart.

Have you queried JIRA before using other tools? Redash uses a modified syntax but it still hits the same API as any other tool.

I’m trying to make the charts above

    "fields": "summary,assignee,priority,status,created,requestparticipants,customfield_10054,customfield_10043",
    "jql": "organizations = Company AND created > {{ Date.start }} AND created < {{ Date.end }}"

What else do anyone else needs to be able to help me figure out how to accomplish this with Redash.

I don’t know if JQL allows for aggregating syntax. But you can make the charts you require by adding a Query Results Data Source and pointing it at the output of your JQL. For example, if the query result you posted was query number 1234 you could create your first chart with the following QRDS query:

FROM query_1234
GROUP BY customefield_10054
ORDER BY count(*) DESC

Then make the horizontal bar chart from there.

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