JIT / Just-In-Time for SSO?

Hi there - I tried to look around at the docs, forums, etc. and couldn’t find an answer on this. Does Redash support JIT for SSO? Specifically, we’re trying to implement it for Okta.

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The answer to your question is yes.

Welcome to the forum! We actually just updated our docs with information about this. Can you share what search terms you used when searching? I can see about updating the doc site so you would arrive at this page with your search terms:

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Thank you!

I see, reading closer I think I see that reading the docs a little closer:

Redash stores hashes of user passwords that were created through its default password configuration. If you create users through SAML or Google Login, a user is created but no password hash is stored.

Actually, been looking for the terms “Just In Time” or “JIT”, eg. “JIT Redash” or “Just in time”. I see now with more research that it shows up in the source code too: redash/saml_auth.py at master · getredash/redash · GitHub

So we may already have this implemented for my company, we just didn’t realize it yet or have to flip some stuff on. I appreciate you answering, thank you!

I’ll add that language to the authentication page. Thanks for bringing it up.

By all means post further questions if your org runs into roadblocks.

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PR is here: Add reference to JIT to help searchers by susodapop · Pull Request #626 · getredash/website · GitHub

If you have a github account please give it a review and I’ll merge it :slight_smile:

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Took a look and that is perfect! Should be able to find it a lot easier now, left a comment as well.

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