Json api with pagination

Hi all,

I try to ingest data from a Sonarqube system by json API.

Sonarqube API have the possibility to query issuues from the last day, however all the information are splited between pages (exe: &createdinlast=1d&p=xx&ps=500) where p is the page number and ps is the occurrences by page.

Do I have possibility to query recursive pages until have data or if a query the source (exe: &createdinlast=1d) many times is the day redash have the capability delete duplicated data.


Hey there and welcome to the forum!

The built-in JSON API query runner doesn’t handle pagination. But it’s pretty straightforward to write your own query runner specific to Sonarqube that will do it for you. You can even start with the JSON query runner and just modify the code as needed. I’m happy to help with pointers if you’d like to undertake this. We’re publishing instructions for writing a query runner in this PR which should merge in the next couple of days.

I will appreciate the help.


The pull request has merged so our new “how to write a query runner” page is live at: https://redash.io/help/open-source/dev-guide/write-a-query-runner