Larger Query Description & HTML / Markdown support

Hi There.

Is there a way to make the size of the query description larger?
Also it would be great if we could use HTML or Markdown to style the content.

At the moment the description is pretty small and not so clear without any style.

Not at the moment. We’d like to improve it in the future. But that will happen after the React migration is complete. I moved this to the Feature Requests category so we can find it later.

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Hi @DerBeton,

Sorry if I misunderstood your request but as the pictures below show we are already (Redash v.7) able to use at least Markdown on query description. The first picture shows a query with Markdown in its description and the second shows a visualization (bar chart) of this query inside a dashboard.

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Thanks for your feedback @agnoldo. You can type markdown links in the query description and they render to HTML on a dashboard. But they aren’t rendered on the query screen.

And it only works for links, not with headers, emphasis, or italics. This is a side effect of the dashboard screen allowing markdown in TextBox widgets.

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Ok, I got it. Thanks for the explanation!

This is changing! Our own @gabrieldutra opened a PR yesterday to make markdown in query descriptions render properly on dashboards.

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