Latest tags(`10.0.0-beta`) not available on Github but available on Docker hub

Just wanted to know if there are any plans to release the tags - 9.0.0 and 10.0.0 version of Redash on Github. These are present as beta on DockerHub - redash/redash

We are using a self hosted version of Redash and wanted to use/add to some of the features which are available in 9.0.0 and 10.0.0.



Sorry for the confusion around this. V10 will be released this summer after a brief beta period (beginning in a few days).

The current 10.0.0-beta tag on dockerhub was a mistake. We prematurely ran our deploy CircleCI job before merging some important PR’s. We’ll push a new 10.0.0-beta image once those PR’s are merged. We’ll announce on the forum when the beta is ready.


V9 is still “in beta” in name only. Because we never pushed a non-beta release image to dockerhub. Since the V10 release is forthcoming we won’t go through the hassle of making another V9 image.

Once we release V10, we recommend users on V8 (stable) and V9 (beta) should upgrade to V10.


is there an official helm chart for version 9? I see that latest helm chart is for 8

are you planning to create a new helm chart for the new 10 version?

We have no plans to do this. The helm repo is maintained by another community member. Once the V10 beta is released you might open an issue on that repo.

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V10 beta is now ready :slight_smile: