Legacy self hosted upgrade kills supervisord if recommended logging enabled


Issue Summary

Using a legacy self-hosted system on running

cd /opt/redash/current
sudo bin/upgrade

as in docs (help/open-source/admin-guide/how-to-upgrade-legacy).

If we are logging as suggested in the maintenance guide (help/open-source/admin-guide/maintenance).

the service supervisor will fail to start properly, as it is misconfigured: because the log path does not exist.

Technical details:

  • Redash Version: Self hosted pre-docker legacy upgrade from redash.4.0.1.b4038 to redash.5.0.1.b4851
  • Browser/OS: No browser-backend/Amazon linux
  • How did you install Redash: https://redash.io/help/open-source/setup#aws (need to sync with colleague on exactly when and what)

When we add

# ...

# ...

to /etc/supervisor/conf.d/redash.conf to start logging we need to mkdir /opt/redash/current/logs.

On sudo bin/upgrade the unpacked folder that is linked to /opt/redash/current/ does not contain a /logs directory.
This causes supervisord to fail to start.

Proposed fix is to ensure that path exists as part of upgrade: I can make a PR if this sounds like a real bug and folk are interested

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Sorry for the trouble you had following the documentation. Actually the path should be /opt/redash/logs, because otherwise (as you experienced), the directory will be removed on each upgrade. You still need to create this directory, but fortunately only once.

Also, when using a system installed Supervisor process, you don’t really have to set a path for logs. It will just use /var/logs/supervisor as the default location. I updated the documentation to mention this.